Don't be a target..Vacation Security Checklist

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Don't be a Target!...Have a plan.

~ Replace broken screens, latches, and windowpanes.

Secure gates and sheds, with padlocks or dead bolt-lockes.

Trim shrubbery, around windows and doors.

Don’t hide house keys outside. Thieves will look under rocks and they know what

        those "desecrate" key holders look like.

Give a trusted neighbor a spare key. Ask them to pick up mail and newspapers, put trash cans

        in front of your house on trash day, mow and rake the lawn, and/or park in the driveway.

Turn off iron, electronics, ice-maker, better yet turn off the main water to the house, if possible.

Leave automatic sprinklers on, put timers on lamps, and install motion-activated lights outside.

Leave draperies open slightly on upper floors.

Don’t announce your absence on Social media or answering machine messages.

Remove garage door openers and house keys from cars, even if they are parked in the garage.

~ Lock garage door going into home, most over looked.

Put valuables in safe-deposit box, or home safe.

Inform your local police that you'll be away.